A Guide on How to Set Up a Community Garden

community gardenA community garden is the best way to touch the lives of people in your community. A lack of space, an intense community spirit, and wise planning are some of the triggers to get the ball rolling. A small farm brings together members of the society. (more…)

18 May 2016

How to Make Money from an Urban Farm

An urban farm can be a source of revenue in the city. In addition to the food gap, it covers, a garden can be a source of repetitive passive income.Many take on the farmer mentality of only planting and sowing seed, When the harvest is in, they recoup what they had put in, then the process is repeated.fruits

What if there was a way you could make money from your urban farm without even tilling it? Activities such as raising snails for export to rearing dogs in your backyard are in the list.You need to differentiate yourself. (more…)

27 May 2016

Water and Irrigation Solutions for your Small Farm

sprinklerAn irrigation structure can raise the value of your property by approximately seven percent. Maybe even more. While it does increase the curb appeal of a home, as green grass and blossoming flowers are always a big sell, figuring out exactly which type of install can be tricky. Not all irrigation systems are the same, and a qualified sprinkler system company can help you determine which one is best. (more…)

20 May 2016

Maximizing Space Through Rooftop Farming

Farming and gardening are becoming common in urban places. In urban areas, people have learned to adapt their desire to start farming.  Through different methods, they can start planting even with just a little space. If you have space to spare in your rooftop, you too can start rooftop farming in your home or office.rooftop farming

Rooftop farming is a practice that lets people make use of any roof space that they have for agriculture as well as gardening. Different crops can be grown depending on the space that you have. You can plant herbs and small vegetables if you have a small to moderate sized area. If you have more space, you can also employ vertical farming on your rooftop. (more…)

16 May 2016

Pros and Cons of Urban Farming

urban farmingThe hordes of people moving into cities have been steadily rising over the years. It is expected to continue with even greater force.This is having a huge impact on city lifestyles. The area of concern is the food production space.Businesses have been taking advantage of this trend.They charge more for the same quantities of food, yet the service delivery remains the same. The question is not what will the government do but what can you do to feed your family? (more…)

13 May 2016

How to practice Alternative farming system with hydroponics

hydrophonicsThe interest in hydroponic gardening continues to grow. Hydroponics is a process of growing plants,crops without using the soil. Instead, mineral nutrient solutions are introduced.These provide the same nutrients and minerals to the plants as the soil does. Plants do not grow in the soil in itself alone; it acts as a reservoir for nutrient minerals that when dissolved in water, the plant roots can absorb them. (more…)

11 May 2016

Urban farming for self-sustainability

City farmingUrban farming is a new approach to farming that is being practiced in the cities. The aim being to take advantage of the limited space that is available. Self Sustainability is is the ability to be able to depend completely on oneself.Not needing the support or help of anyone. Urban farming promotes self sustainability. By engaging in such projects, you get the control of being able to produce what you previously had to buy. (more…)

09 May 2016

Tips on How to Maintain an Urban Farm

The idea of farming right at the comforts of your urban dwelling captures the imagination of many city dwellers. City households have adopted this idea and started to put up their mini-farms at home. Setting up an urban farm is easy as long as you have the necessary stuff needed.urban maintenance

After the urban farm has been established and you are three weeks into the project, questions start to come up. Could there be a way this can be improved? Are there tips that can be put into this project to produce more? You automatically begin searching for a leg up (more…)

06 May 2016

What to Grow in an Indoor Urban Farm?

An indoor urban farm is one of the many tricks city dwellers can use to save money on groceries. By using a little bit of ingenuity, a few standard tools you can turn your backyard into a money saver.Do you know that you can grow all of your groceries in your home? It is important before you begin to understand what it is that you can and cannot grow. urban farming

Urban farms make a great source of supply for fresh produce in cities. Smart city dwellers use the limited space to grow day to day groceries.They will use sacks filled with soil to grow vegetables.Cut out bottles are used to grow onions and carrots. (more…)

05 May 2016

What is Urban Farming?

new cropsWhere can you turn when in the city, the groceries keep shooting up the roof and you still want to maintain a healthy diet? If you are a city dweller, then you understand the full extent of this predicament. Urban farming is the answer. It doesn’t matter how small of space you have. You should never let a lack of come between you and the well-being of your family. (more…)

04 May 2016